Siena Stairlift

The Siena Stairlift combines fresh, contemporary styling with the best in Stairlift engineering

The simple contours along with five classic colour options make the Siena a smart and practical addition to any home.

The Siena can be fitted to either our straight or curved rails and folds away neatly to make the best use of space.

Siena Stairlifts

As Easy As Pie

Getting up & down your stairs easily

Tailored For You

The Siena stairlift can be tailored to your specific needs and taste

Siena Stairlifts

Designed For Curved And Straight Staircases

Highly versatile stairlift that can be installed on a huge variety of staircases

Footrest Fold Options

With Siena, you do not need to bend down to lift the footrest

Siena Stairlifts

Removable Key

Stay safe with a removable key on the Siena stairlift

The Siena Stairlift offers:


Our most popular Stairlift, a smart addition to any home


For both straight and curved rails


Practical range of vinyl upholsteries


No bending down with optional automatic footrest fold button


Available in two seat widths

To see how the Siena Stairlift can help you make the most of your day and to arrange your free assessment, speak to a member of our team today

Key features of the Siena Stairlift

Easy and safe to use

Safety and ease-of-use are built into the Siena.

Our standard seatbelt gives added security along with sensors that bring the Stairlift to a gentle stop if the Stairlift is obstructed and removable keys to immobilise the Stairlift if required.

Footrest Fold Options

Bending down to lift the footrest is an unnecessary inconvenience, which is why the Siena comes with a manual lever as standard on the curved product or a seat-to-footrest link on the straight product.

Alternatively, there is an option to have an automatic footrest fold button in the arm on either straight or curved products for ultimate convenience.

Custom options

The Siena can be tailored to your specific needs and taste.

Choose from different upholstery options and even rail colours to ensure the Stairlift fits with your decor.

We also offer optional extras such as automatic swivel seats and different style seatbelts.

Designed for curved and straight staircases

The Siena is highly versatile and can be installed on a huge variety of staircases whether they are straight or curved.

Our slimline straight rails are made to measure while our curved Stairlift rails are designed to fit the exact contours of your staircase.

I love my Stannah Stairlift

“… because it takes me downstairs when I want to get up and out and about and when I want to rest in my room it takes me back again. It’s heaven!”

Mrs M, London, England