Sofia Stairlifts

The Stanna Sofia Stairlift – ultimate comfort and style

By working hand in hand with our customers, we created the extremely graceful Sofia stairlift. The Solus packed with innovative and tailor-made safety features.

The Sofia stairlift is available for straight and curved staircases.

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Adjustable Armrests

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Red Woven Model

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Swivel Chair

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Removable Link Bars

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Fold Flat Chair

Key features & benefits


Neat, elegant and tidy – Sofia features a fold-flat chair that leaves your hallway spacious


Practical and simple to use – featuring a comfortable and supportive seat, and easy-to-use seatbelt


Adjustable armrests and seat – The seat width and height can be tailored to suit you perfectly


Safe and secure – Designed with an easy-to-use seatbelt, seat safety sensors and a built-in control key

Customisable! It’s your choice


Blue Woven

Mustard Woven

Green Woven

Stone Woven

Red Woven


Cream Leather

Cocoa Leather

Black Leather

Oyster Leather

Slate Leather


Lavender Vinyl

Sand Vinyl


Suitable for:


Straight Stairs


Curved Stairs


Narrow Stairs

Straight Stairs

Width Folded: 342mm
Width Unfolded: 654mm
Maximum Load: 135kg

Curved Stairs

Width Folded: 405mm
Width Unfolded: 679mm
Maximum Load: 135kg (120kg for power hinge rails)

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Key Benefits

One step folding

Flip-up the arms or the seat and the footrest follows, folding flat for more space on your stairs.

Adjustable arms

You can have the armrests on your Sofia adjusted to size for extra comfort

Easy to use swivel levers

Use the standard easy-to-operate manual swivel lever. Or for those with limited strength in their hands, the optional one or two-way powered swivel, to get off your stairlift in the safest position.

Safety edges

Safety sensors around the footrest and carriage automatically detect any obstruction on your stairs, bringing your Sofia stairlift to a safe and gentle stop.

Seat safety sensor

A sensor within the seat ensures your stairlift won’t move until you’re safely settled in your chair.

Removable link bars

If you need side access from a wheelchair, the link bars can be removed, enabling you to move safely and easily onto the chair.

Upholstery options

The Sofia offers stylish comfort, upholstery options include hard wearing woven, supple leather or durable vinyl, all available in a choice of colours to suit your home.

Adjustable seat height

Ensures your stairlift seat and footrest are perfectly positioned to your height for complete comfort.

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Solus Detailed Specifications

Straight stairs
  • Width: 342mm (folded), 654mm (unfolded)
  • Seat height: 390mm (min), 460mm (max)
  • Maximum load: Maximum one person up to 135kg

By code the stairlift is structurally strong enough to hold 5x that load, but should not be used to carry more than the load

Curved stairs
  • Width: 405mm (folded), 679mm (unfolded)
  • Seat height: 525mm
  • Maximum load: Maximum one person up to 135kg

By code the stairlift is structurally strong enough to hold 5x that load, but should not be used to carry more than the load

Power Supply Do we need to have a power supply or is it run off a battery?
Our stairlifts are battery powered, but we will require an outlet either at the top or bottom of the stairs to keep it charged. Our electricians will make sure it is in the best place prior to installation.
Safety features
  • Seatbelt
  • Optional Footrest fold button on the armrest – fold the footrest without bending over near the top of the stairs
  • Seat load sensor to prevent the chair moving until the user is securely seated
  • Safety edges to stop the chair if it touches an obstruction
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Customize your Sofia
You can choose from the following options
(Model shown is for straight stairs)


Black Leather

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Black Leather

Cocoa Leather

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Cocoa Leather

Cream Leather

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Cream Leather

Oyster Leather

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Oyster Leather

Slate Leather

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Slate Leather


Mustard Woven

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Mustard Woven

Green Woven

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Green Woven

Stone Woven

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Stone Woven

Red Woven

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Red Woven

Blue Woven

The Stannah Sofia Stairlift in Blue Woven


Sand Vinyl

The Stannah Solus Stairlift in Sand Vinyl

Lavender Vinyl

The Stannah Solus Stairlift in Lavender Vinyl

Buying your Stannah stairlift is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Call our friendly advisors & book a stairlift assessment

There’s absolutely no obligation or pressure to buy. The purpose of the visit is to enable our advisor to assess your staircase, make some suggestions about which stairlift is right for you and give you a firm quotation, which we’ll stick to.


Place your order with your CS Access representative

Whenever you’re ready, just place your order and your stairlift will be installed at the earliest available date.


Installation by trained and accredited technicians

Installation normally takes no longer than a few hours. When our installation technician leaves your house, it will be clean and tidy, exactly as they found it. With one exception of course. You’ll have your Stannah stairlift so your stairs will no longer be any kind of obstacle.